In-Company Training Courses Offered

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In-Company Training Courses Offered




Courses Offered by Subject

Overview – Cross-Training

Petroleum Engineering for Non-Engineers: An Overview for Non-Technical Personnel
Basic Geological Skills for Geotechs and Support Staff
Basics of Measurement Uncertainty, Methods, and Applicaitons
Petroleum Exploration and Production: An Online Overview
Upstream and Downstream Petroleum in a Day
Comprehensive Measurement Uncertainty, Methods and Applications

Economics – Financial

Industrial Marketing Principles
Basic Petroleum Economics
Oil and Gas Acquisitions and Divestitures

Engineering – Petroleum

NODAL* Systems Analysis: Production Optimization for Oil and Gas Wells

Land – Legal

Industrial Marketing Principles
Oil and Gas Acquisitions and Divestitures
Appraisal of Oil & Gas Properties
Fundamentals of Titles, Deeds, Conveyances, and Leases
Advanced Concepts of Oil & Gas Industry Contracts

Management – Leadership

Effective Presentation Skills
Global Teams: Leading Across Time, Distance and Culture
Communicating for Success
Developing Effective Leadership Skills
Dynamics of Effective Negotiation


Risk Assessment / Management / Monetization: Integrating Cultural, Political, Organizational, and Technical Risks
Fundamentals of Petroleum Exploration, Drilling and Production
Effective Design Techniques for Fatigue Resistance
Drilling Problems: Causes & Solutions
Managing and Leading Change in Dynamic Organizations
Engineer as Manager and Leader

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