November 17-18, 2020 | Tulsa, OK | Registration Opening Soon

Familiarity, understanding, and purpose of oil and gas well logs and petrophysical data are essential for almost every industry group from geologists and engineers to attorneys and accountants.

This two-day seminar covering cutting-edge information assists in becoming an informed customer of petrophysical data (which is fundamental to all aspects of the petroleum industry) for making better business decisions. This understanding of the basic procedures and technical jargon used in formation evaluation will facilitate cross-discipline communication and improve corporate performance.

Often opportunities to collect petrophysical data are stopped because staff and management do not have sufficient understanding of what petrophysical data can add to the project. Attending this class should work to avoid that situation, to increase the volume and quality of petrophysical data collected and ultimately improve corporate earnings.

Barrett Summers, PhD, Mid-Con Petrophysics, LLC

Designed for:
Professionals in oil and gas exploration and development firms will find this course useful in allowing them to screen existing, and potential, assets for more detailed petrophysical assessment. Those serving in a non-technical capacity, will gain a better understanding of the technical and business case support for collecting well log data.

  • Engineers
  • Geologists
  • Geophysicists
  • Landmen
  • Business Managers
  • Accountants & Attorneys

This program will:
1. Introduce standard petrophysical methods of formation evaluation.
2. Cover relevant topics: formation temperature, formation water (Rw), water saturation, porosity, hydrocarbon indicators, lithology
3. Include a historical overview of logging tools, as well as recommended logging suites for both conventional and unconventional reservoirs.
4. Provide hands-on estimation of reservoir thermal and fluid properties, plus Archie parameters.
5. Interactive spreadsheets exercises allowing for estimation of Archie parameters and hydrocarbon potential.

You Will ‘Learn How To’ & ‘Take-Away’:

  • Estimate formation temperature profiles, QC logs, estimate formation water resistivity, water saturation, formation porosity using standard Triple Combo logging Suites.
  • Estimate Formation Lithology
  • Assess the presence of oil and gas in conventional sandstone reservoirs and evaluate unconventional shale for oil and gas.
  • An understanding of the basic procedures and workflows involved with formation evaluation.
  • The capability to screen potential assets using Triple or Quad Combo log suites to estimate water saturation, porosity, lithology, potential pay.
  • Estimate Rw and Archie parameters using spreadsheets
  • Knowledge of appropriate logging tools to apply to conventional and unconventional (shale) projects and technical justification.

Course Topics

  • Wy do we run logs?
  • Historical Overview of Logging Tools
  • Spontaneous Potential
  • Estimation of Formation Temperature
  • Density, Neutron, Sonic Logs
  • Log QC: Caliper and Density Quality Curve
  • Resistivity tools Rxo and Rt (Invasion Profile)
  • Estimation of Rw Archie’s Equation Formation Resistivity Factor
  • Oil in Place
  • Quicklook Methods for Reservoir-Quality Analysis
  • Vsh
  • Calculation of Porosity using Density, Neutron and Sonic Logs
  • PE Log
  • Lithology Estimation Crossplots
  • Advanced Tools: Quad Sonic, NMR, Elemental Tools
  • Quicklook Screening of Unconventional Shale Formations Gas/Oil: Shale Gas/Oil, TOC – Schmoker Equations
  • LWD – Overview in Unconventional Formations


  • 13 PDHs (Professional Development Hours)
  • 1.3 CEUs (Continuing Education Credits)

Dates, Times, Locations

The course runs from 8:30 am – 4:30 pm each day.

November 17-18, 2020 | Tulsa, Oklahoma
University of Tulsa | Henneke Building
1204 South Harvard Avenue

Course Fee:

•BEST DEAL DISCOUNT: $1,395 per person DEADLINE: October 2, 2020
•Early Enrollment Discount: $1,595 per person DEADLINE: October 23, 2020
•Team Discount (2 or more): $1,595 per person
•Regular Tuition Fee: $1,895 per person

Registration Opening Soon

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