Dr. Stephen Carman


This two-day course provides an in-depth exploration of global teams, the opportunities they represent, the challenges they face, the cross-cultural and virtual skills required for success, the critical role of building trust, and developing thoughts on leadership in these new environments. The first day and a half will follow a global team, as depicted in a video case, through the various stages of global team development. This realistic encounter is the basis to explore theory and best practice for global team success. The program will culminate in the final half-day’s focus on exploring individual competencies for success in cross-cultural environments. Participants will take a “Personal Learning Journey” designed to look at their unique style when working across cultures. Prior to the program participants will complete a short, online questionnaire that measures the energy levels each individual brings to specific qualities within an intercultural competency framework – the International Preferences Indicator (IPI).

Large and small group work, as well as peer counseling, will be utilized to explore each person’s work role and the match between its requirements and their competencies. The outcome of this journey will be a personalized action plan designed to help increase each individual’s personal effectiveness and to contribute to their organization’s success.


Two days


We believe this program meets the criteria for continuing professional development in many state and national professional organizations.


This course is of interest to any professional or student who wants to be better prepared for the cross-cultural, virtual environments that characterize today’s new work environments.


Sample topics covered in this interactive and engaging workshop include:

  • Challenges and opportunities of global teams
  • Leadership of global teams
  • Effective virtual meetings
  • Role of collaborative technologies
  • Trust in virtual environments
  • Culture and its role in business
  • Intercultural mindset
  • Individual competencies for success in cross-cultural environments

Effective cross-cultural communication approaches

This course can be customized to meet your training needs.