This course is constructed to provide an appreciation for the new criteria required to be a successful leader in today’s modern organizations. Participants are exposed to process management which differs from management of tasks and develops the ability to apply a leader’s approach with those components. Organizations behave differently today than they did several years ago, requiring today’s leaders to apply tools and methods in a concise manner.


Three days


We believe this program meets the criteria for continuing professional development in many state and national professional organizations.


This value-added, professional development course will be beneficial to engineering and technical professionals with a minimum of five years’ experience in the workplace with a desire to further their career development, and/or those who have been identified for promotion by their organization’s leaders.


Tools and methods presented in this course include

  • Leadership vs. Management
  • The techniques used by good leaders
  • How effective organizations behave
  • Organization and leadership of the human resources
  • Successful teams are built by effective leaders
  • Succession planning and mentoring
  • Strategic planning
  • Improving the organizational system


This course can be customized to meet your training needs.