Jeff Wilkie


Whether it’s before your peers in staff meetings, before customers, or at seminars and conferences, making presentations is a fact of life in business today. This two-day workshop is designed for professionals who would like to strengthen their presentation skills and become better presenters.


Two days


We believe this program meets the criteria for continuing professional development in many state and national professional organizations.


Professionals who are called upon to make presentations at meetings and conferences.


Workshop Outline:

  • Introduction Activities, Self profile, Expectations
  • Preparing for the Presentation, Clarifying your objective, Planning your presentation, Organizing your presentation
  • Organizing the Presentation, Introduction, Body, Conclusion
  • Delivering the Presentation, Physical skills, Eye control, Home position, The pause, Gestures, Visual aids, Handling distractions
  • Q&A sessions, Listening, FAQs

Special features

You will receive a guide with several recommendations and hints to make your presentations more effective. You will walk away with tips that will make your next presentation one of your best!

This course can be customized to meet your training needs.