Provide our customers with quality non-credit professional development technical, non-technical and cross-discipline programs.

Our mission is accomplished by:

  • Timeliness, convenience and quality are our commitments to you.
  • We provide short-term training for long-term improvement by tying The University of Tulsa resources directly to your operations.
  • Our approach achieves that delicate balance between theory and practice, with special attention to the professional competencies needed for first-rate, on-the job performance.
  • We will custom design a single workshop or a complete series of programs for your organization, implement a course of your own design, or you can select any of the current public offerings for in-company presentation.
  • We can conduct a needs analysis to help meet your company’s training goals.
  • We are a resource you can return to for follow-up and on-going needs.
  • Our instructors are top practitioners in their field, carefully selected for their subject matter expertise, industry experience and communication skills as well as their sensitivity to your organizational culture and objectives.
  • We offer a wide range of training opportunities to meet your training needs.
  • Each course includes extensive course materials with future reference value.
  • Flexibility in meeting the needs of industry as well as immediate and attentive response is our goal.