The University of Tulsa’s Continuing Education for Science and Engineering (TU-CESE) has been providing lifelong learning/professional education programs to the global community for more than 35 years. These programs are rooted in TU’s core values, emphasizing real world application and assisting participants to succeed in their career goals.

“Our mission is to provide innovative, educational experiences for working professionals. Phenomenal customer service to the companies and individuals who attend our training programs. Our vision is to be an industry leader in the quality of our courses and programs, and to have 100% customer satisfaction in all of our interactions.”

We have conducted non-credit technical, non-technical, and cross-discipline training programs in over 20 states and 20 countries. What makes our programs unique and highly successful is our attention to company and individual needs. Our instructors are highly qualified and are drawn from both industry and academia. Training courses are ways of improving the effectiveness of your current workforce, but they are also attractive benefits for ambitious people.

The University of Tulsa’s customers include a variety of corporations, associations, and organizations. Many companies call us over and over to bring our programs to them each year. 60 – 65% of CESE Programs are conducted In-Company. On average, TU-CESE has between 1,000 to 2,000 professionals and executives per year attend our professional education programs.

TU-CESE’S programs are recognized by the global community for their high-quality and intellectual career enhancement which drives economic growth.

TU-CESE strives to be agile and creative, in addition to being flexible in our solutions, processes, relationships and programs. Continuing Education for Science and Engineering at The University of Tulsa prides itself on being a place of cooperation, service, teamwork, and relationships.

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