Session Chair: J. Berton Fisher, Lithochimeia, LLC, Tulsa, Oklahoma

Advances in Oil Spill Forensic Using Biomarkers and Isotope Ratio Technique
Abstract and Presentation
Harry Behzadi, SGS, Rutherford, NJ

How to Efficiently Quantify Aquifer Properties and Hydrocarbon Saturation Using Nuclear Magnetic Resonance (NMR) Geophysical Logging in Existing Monitoring Wells
Abstract and Presentation
Bradley Cross, ERM, Scottsdale, AZ

Characterization of Groundwater Flow, Systematically Identifying Preferential Flow Zones for Pump and Treat
Abstract and Presentation
Jeff Popiel, Geotech Environmental Equipment, Inc., Denver, CO

Findings From a Machine Learning Approach to Site Characterization
Abstract and Presentation
Jason Dalton, Anna Harrington, Azimuth1, McLean, VA

Are There Holes Below Us? Geophysical Assessment of Prospective Flowback Water Storage Sites for the Presence of Shallow Karst
Abstract and Presentation
J. Berton Fisher, Lithochimeia, LLC, Tulsa, OK; Blake Redden, IMMIX, Tulsa, OK

A Geochemical Context for Investigations of Stray Gas Migration
Abstract (no presentation available)
Fred Baldassare, Liz Chapman, ECHELON Applied Geochemistry, Aspinwall, PA