Session Chair: Deedee Boysen, B.C. Technologies, Ltd., Laramie, WY

HDPE Lined Produced Water Evaporation Ponds
Abstract and Presentation
Neil Nowak, SCS Engineers, Greenwood Village, CO

Modeling Groundwater Vulnerability to Contamination from Produced Water Storage in New Mexico
Abstract and Presentation
Katie Zemlick, Elmira Kalhor, EJ Sullivan Graham, University of New Mexico, Santa Fe, NM

Two Topics for Consideration: Some Parting Thoughts From an Old Guy
John Veil, Veil Environmental, Annapolis, MD

Planning, Design, and Installation of a Successful Water Management System to Support a Development Drilling and Completion Campaign
Abstract and Presentation
D. Steven Tipton, J. Daniel Arthur, Mark Faucher, ALL Consulting, LLC, Tulsa, OK

Produced Water Recycling in the New Mexico Delaware Basin
Abstract and Presentation
J. Daniel Arthur, Gavin James, Bill Hochheiser, ALL Consulting, LLC, Tulsa, OK

Water Management in the U.S. Oil and Gas Industry
Absract and Presentation
Peter McKone, Weaver Consultants Group, Ft. Worth, TX; Anthony Smith, Phoenix Services, LLC, Houston, TX