In recent years, the management of water, both fresh and produced, has become an expensive and potentially controversial issue in the U.S. oil and gas industry. A number of plays are in areas of water scarcity that can complicate the extraction process for oil and gas. Water rights issues can come into play when looking for freshwater to use for fracing. Restrictions on the amount of water allowed in a frac operation can result in inadequate supplies. Knowing the state water laws is important in the planning process as each state has regulations related to the amount of water – be it surface or groundwater – allowed in an oil and gas operation. Recycling and reuse are getting increased attention in some regions. Once the water starts to come up, how to handle it and what to do with disposal can be challenging. This presentation will focus on the water issues within regions and explore methods companies are using to address water regulations, scarcity and contamination.

Primary Author / Conference Presenter:
Peter McKone
Senior Project Director
Weaver Consultants Group
Fort Worth, Texas, USA

Anthony Smith, VP-Water Solutions, Phoenix Services, LLC, Houston,TX