ELITE Faculty, Curriculum & Structure


ELITE faculty consists of dynamic industry leaders who are top practitioners in their field. They have been selected for their subject matter expertise, industry experience and communication skills, as well as personal insight into leadership skills and techniques.

ELITE students will be challenged as each module leader will engage them in an accelerated study through research, case studies, exercises, assignments and presentations.


With a career-focused learning experience in mind, the four course modules are addressed from the standpoint of what an effective leader needs to know and understand to achieve RESULTS.
Leveraging Communication for Greater Alignment and Engagement
Facilitator: Adam K. Seaman
Meaningful Solutions to Managing Change in Dynamic Organizations
Facilitator: Jeff Wilkie
Managing Risks & Strategic Decisions in the Modern Business Enterprise
Facilitator: Michael R. Walls, PhD
Leading the Global Organization: Across Time, Distance and Culture
Facilitator: Stephen B. Carman, PhD


Orientation: Designed to identify, through guided self-assessment, the student’s strengths, leadership and communication styles.

Modules: Members, Faculty and Advisors meet Face-to-Face for approximately 3 days/module. Each one is a combination of discussion, lecture, engagement, assignments and team activities. Modules are spaced/scheduled throughout several months to give the ELITE student plenty of time to APPLY, PRACTICE, and RETAIN the new knowledge gained.

Full Immersion: It is highly recommended and encouraged that each student stay overnight at the hotel during each module. This immersion format offers the student an uninterrupted learning environment, a better opportunity to learn from each other, a chance to challenge and support the concepts learned with others, plus develop a greater ELITE community experience.

Assessment:  Projects for each module are effective organization-based assignments which the student is required to complete a written briefing and presentation over their understanding of the findings and ideas discussed in the module. Class participation and engagement are also very important and are included in the assessment/grading procedure.

Coaching: Members will meet individually with ELITE Advisors throughout the program to further develop their leadership talents and strengths. This positive coaching partnership between you and the advisors have many advantages, including: 1) being able to talk something through and gain perspective, 2) support and assist with improving skills – communication, team-building, management, negotiation, etc., and 3) realize ideas for ways to improve that you may not see. The true goal is to help you be the very best version of yourself as a leader, an executive, and as a whole person.

Journal: Personalized Leadership Journals make the ELITE Leadership Institute truly customized for each member. By assessing the material/tools from each module, the student decides how each can impact them individually to become a more effective high-level performer. It is a vehicle to clarify develop personal needs, goals and plans and helps answer this question: What skills and abilities will I need to grow in order to be considered for targeted leadership positions within my organization?

Membership: Our ELITE Alumni are encouraged to stay involved with the program, helping to shape and support future next-level leaders; as well as, continue growing in their own personal journey.