What is your organization’s specific need(s)? The University of Tulsa – CESE will work hard to customize the ideal training program for you and your leaders. Any combination of these classes, or the creation of a customized class, can be presented to provide the most effective EXECUTIVE LEADERSHIP DEVELOPMENT program with optimal results. Ideal programs run 4-5 months, with one course per month, each course lasting two to three days. After each course, a project will be assigned to apply tools that have been learned immediately on the job. Brief, written reports and presentations are required to outline each project, the process that was applied, and results obtained.

Communicating for Success
• Art of influencing / arbitration / persuasion
• Techniques / tips to improve your presentation skills
• Effective business writing
• Generational communication styles
• Executive summaries
• Public relations and media management skills
• Handling conflicts

Presentation Skills
• Presentation Techniques

Effective Leadership Skills
• Leading vs. managing
• Techniques used by good leaders
• How effective organizations behave
• Organization and leadership of the human resources
• Successful teams are built by effective leaders
• Succession planning and mentoring
• Strategic planning
• Improving the organization
• One-on-one consulting
• Students will identify a workplace task for their project and assignment

Leadership Strategies for Balanced Change Management
• Influencing change and innovation
• Understanding people and change
• Strategies for influencing change
• Knowledge mapping
• Models of change management
• Leading change during right-sizing
• Risk management
• Leading change through alliances, mergers and acquisitions

Strategic Uses and Security of Information Technology
• Corporate information systems
• IT’s impact on industry’s structure
• IT and the competitive advantage
• Resource allocations for information systems
• IT for marketing purposes
• Effective use of management information systems
• Current information assurance policies, practices and technologies
• IT Security risk management, including critical infrastructure protection issues – contingency planning, disaster and recovery planning

Industrial Marketing Principles
• Marketing: More than Sales and Advertising
• The role of Vision
• Customer Value and Relationship Creation
• Market Insights to Marketing Actions
• Segmentation, Targeting and Positioning/Defining
• Successful Products, Services and Brands
• Successful Channels and Logistics/The Competitive Landscape
• Successful Integrated Marketing Communications
• Successful Foundational Elements of Pricing
• One-on-one consulting
• Students will be identify a workplace task for their project and assignment

Financial Analysis for Strategic Decision-Making
• Operations and processes – plan, control, evaluate and modify
• Financial statements and financial analysis
• Economic outcomes – budgeting as a tool for control, planning, evaluation, communication, and directing
• Value creation – raising and investing money
• Acquiring capital while minimizing risks
• Mergers and acquisitions and divestitures
• Group exercises and discussion

Negotiating to Win and Maximizing the Deal
• Dynamics of the bargaining process
• Assessing your negotiation style
• Negotiating for competitive advantage
• Cross-cultural negotiating: valuing the differences
• Multi-party negotiations
• Designing effective dispute resolution systems
• Ethics and negotiation

Leading the Global Organization – Policies, Planning and Strategies
• Techniques and processes
• Developing business plans
• Recognizing and evaluating global markets
• Analytical techniques for strategic business decisions
• Development of multi-national marketing policies
• Case studies and experimental exercises

• Leverage individual StrengthsFinder results in personal and professional lives
• Specify multiple methods used to identify needs
• Increasing employee engagement
• Finding ways to improve employee performance
• Understanding the nature of talents and strengths
• Begin the journey of strengths-based leadership

Contact Susan Gates, The University of Tulsa, CESE’s Manager of Corporate Training at 918-631-3150 or email susan-gates@utulsa.edu to find out more information.

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