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Next Institute: Fall 2018. We are currently accepting names/spots for companies for the Fall 2018 ELITE Leadership Institute. To be put on the wait list to tentatively hold your spot in the program and to receive the application forms before they are made available to the public, just email our office at cese@utulsa.edu. Please include the following information in the email:
– Name, Title/Position, Company
– Email Address
– Name of ELITE Candidate and/or number of spaces you would like tentatively held for your company

A successful person finds the right place for himself. But a successful leader finds the right place for others. – John Maxwell

Program Overview

ELITE: A Leadership Development Process which Builds Leaders
Today, the key to developing next-level employees is effective leadership training.

The University of Tulsa ELITE Leadership Institute is a complete training structure designed for companies to develop their high-performing employees into innovative and successful next-level leaders.

The institute consists of on-target curriculum, coaching, engagement, projects, and a support-system which impacts the student in a positive and productive way.

ELITE focuses on delivering IMPROVED RESULTS

Through TU’s ELITE Leadership Institute, engineers and technical professionals, under the instruction of first-class industry experts, will learn tools to better motivate co-workers, empower subordinates, cultivate teamwork, prepare for change, utilize multiple-options thinking, analyze intelligent risks, and exemplify energy and inspiration.


University of Tulsa ELITE Leadership Institute’s format and structure maximizes the student’s ability to APPLY, PRACTICE and RETAIN the new skillsets from each module to help them become a stronger leader in their organization.

Key areas of each module are incorporated into the company-focused projects. This requires the student to immediately apply the tools. With results-based reporting, practice of the tools becomes necessary for the written executive briefings and presentations. By experiencing these results & benefits through practicing and applying them to their situation, the student will retain the new skill sets learned.

A large part of achieving professional success is learning new skills, new techniques, and new information…because being an effective learner brings value and growth to the individual, as well as, to the organization.


ELITE Leadership Institute students will increase their business operations knowledge, self-confidence, management and leadership capacity by integrating these benefits:

  • Tapping individual leadership abilities
  • Broadening opportunities for advancement
  • Sharpening analytical and strategic decision-making skills
  • Gaining interdisciplinary perspectives of issues beyond singular functions
  • Developing practical methods to express ideas concisely in meetings / forums
  • Improving flexibility and multi-option thinking
  • Developing new perspectives and insights
  • Gaining one’s own competitive edge
  • Improving the management team’s understanding of the ‘big picture’

The University of Tulsa ELITE Leadership Institute is a complete leadership development solution.

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The next ELITE Leadership Institute is scheduled for Fall 2018. To be put on the wait list, and to receive information about the program, please email our office at cese@utulsa.edu.

For information about bringing this leadership institute to your company, contact Susan Gates at susan-gates@utulsa.edu or 918-631-3150.

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Leadership is practiced not so much in words as in attitude and in actions.” – Harold S. Geneen