How many times have you heard or said something like this, “That’s ‘soft’ skills training. Who has time for that?”
It really is time well spent…and here’s why:

Regardless of where you are in your career – just starting out, shift supervisor, department manager, or senior leadership – a strong set of ‘soft skills’, better described by us as CORE STRATEGIC SKILL SETS, is essential to any successful career. These skills make you more well-rounded and more promotable – a better job candidate, a better employee and a better team member overall.

CONCRETE STRATEGIES TO: is a series of virtual, instructor-led workshops designed to help professionals unleash the potential in themselves, to inspire others and cultivate high-performing teams.

To achieve your true potential, block out just 1 1/2 hours with us virtually on Wednesdays, developing these skills to become a better, more confident, and more effective version of yourself.

Developing these CORE INTERPERSONAL STRATEGIC SKILL SETS is an important component to your overall professional career that you don’t want to overlook.

Adam Seaman is the instructor for the Spring 2022 Concrete Strategies Workshops. He is an organizational development consultant and executive coach who has been in practice for more than 20 years. He loves supporting people by providing tools for increased happiness, communication, and productivity. He developed the Talent2Strength application method of the StrengsthsFinder® assessment to consistently provide his clients with powerfully actionable insights. As a Gallup Certified Coach, he helps people get the most out of the StrengthsFinder. He has worked with a wide variety of organizations from both the public and private sectors. He has worked with employees at all levels, from the front line to the executive suite. Adam was also instrumental in the development and facilitation of the communication and leadership/negotiation modules of TU-CESE’s Executive Leadership Certificate Program, ELITE.

CONCRETE STRATEGIES TO: C4A … Communication for Alignment
The Four Building Blocks
Wednesday, May 25, 2022  |  10:30am – 12:00pm (Central) | 1.5 PDHs | REGISTER HERE

In order to thrive, we must successfully navigate common challenges together. For that to happen, we must communicate in ways that increase alignment – for ourselves as individuals, on our teams and as a department. The building blocks (Advocate Reality; Manage Neurology; Assess Alignment; Take Positive Action) addressed in this workshop, when utilized, will help you manage the realities of enhancing alignment through effective communication.

Key Learns:

  • Grounding communication in reality (vs. perception) holds several compelling advantages
  • Understanding how people’s neurological states (thoughts/feelings) impact their ability to communicate effectively
  • Ultimately, communication is about increasing alignment
  • Communication isn’t just a soft skill, it’s perhaps one of the most effective ways to assert leadership

Registration Deadline: May 23

Format: Instructor-Led, Live, Virtual using ZOOM
Registration fee must be paid before participants will receive the meeting invitation link.
The ZOOM meeting invitation link will be emailed a couple of days before the date of each workshop to each paid participant.
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