“Having been at the ‘steering wheel’ of the country’s most productive oil and gas state, I’ve seen a lot of ‘right’ and ‘wrong’. I have launched The 98th Meridian Foundation to continue my direct involvement with the important issues related to the nexus of water, land and energy – working to support and create market solutions.” – The Honorable David J. Porter

If legal, regulatory and economic policies are properly aligned, the oil, gas and water industries are poised to create market-favorable solutions AND be financially successful.

In developing water management policies and regulations, LOCAL CONDITIONS must be given primary consideration. Recycling and reuse policies can be best implemented and encouraged locally – in coordination with industry.

The government serves us – the public and private sector. It is incumbent upon the tax-supported government to recognize the needs of a dynamic marketplace, and adjust: reviews, regulations, incentives, education.

Mr. Porter recommends, Five (5) Nexus Initiatives the government should undertake in support of market-ready solutions in the use of produced water. You will learn about these recommended Initiatives, and hear some, ‘good, bad & ugly’ stories from this former Texas Railroad Commissioner.

Primary Author/Conference Presenter:
Hon. David J. Porter
The 98th Meridian Foundation
Giddings, Texas