Achieve your personal excellence.

Our society recognizes that skillful management of resources like time and money can lead to a better life. At Positive Leadership, we believe that an individual’s talents are valuable resources that are just as important as time and money. Moreover, we’ve developed tools and techniques to help you manage this precious resource and wield it to your advantage in the workplace and beyond.
The purpose of the Talent2Strength (T2S) course is to help people identify and understand their talents/strengths and those of others, with the ultimate goal of helping individuals, teams and communities to thrive. Building from the highly-respected Gallup CliftonStrengths © assessment that reveals a person’s natural talents and cognitive-behavioral patterns, our T2S curriculum will help you take this baseline knowledge to the next level of meaningful application in your personal and professional life. At its heart, T2S is a developmental framework designed to help you discover and navigate the path to leading a strengths-based life.

Understanding your STRENGTHS unlocks your POTENTIAL and leads you to greater PERFORMANCE.

Teams That Use Their Strengths Perform Better Than Teams That Don’t

You know your team members better than anyone. But do you know why they do what they do, what motivates them or when they’re at their best? When you and your team go through this TALENT2STRENGTH course utilizing the CliftonStrengths assessment as just one tool, you’ll discover what everyone does best. You’ll gain a stronger team dynamics, better conversations and increased collaboration.

Most people are taught to work on their weaknesses — to fix them. But instead, we focus on learning how their strengths can overshadow their weaker areas.

In other words: Focus on becoming better at what you’re already great at.

But discovering your strengths is just the start — applying and investing in them sparks real change. That’s where this TALENT2STRENGTH course comes into play and why you and your team should attend.

Upon successful completion of this course, participants will have:
> FIND OUT your top 5 STRENGTHS. Could yours include Achiever? Innovator? Maximizer?
> Deepened understanding of CliftonStrengths assessment results and their practical, real-life applications in personal and professional settings;
> Ability to apply key concepts and tools to increase mastery over themes of talent (i.e. mature talent) and improve individual and group performance;
> Ability to identify and constructively address areas of misalignment in interpersonal and team dynamics to achieve mutual thriving.
> Increased emotional intelligence: self awareness, self management, social awareness and social management

The TALENT2STRENGTH course is composed of three virtual weekly 2-hour sessions held on Thursdays from 1:30pm-3:30pm (Central) supplemented with suggested reading materials and additional light homework exercises designed to enhance learning.


Session 1: July 11, 2024:
Introduction to Talent2Strength
■ Intro to CliftonStrengths history and methodology
■ Distinguish between a strength and a theme of talent
■ Distinguish between a raw talent and a mature talent
■ Learn to interpret your CliftonStrengths report
■ Receive expanded reports
Session 2: July 18, 2024
What does it mean to live a strengths-based life? Why does it matter?
○ Survive vs. thrive
○ Alignment and contrast
○ Individual-environment fit
○ Performance ladder
○ Talent anatomy
○ Treasure-Time-Talent
● Increasing mastery over your themes
○ Emotional intelligence
○ COIN model: Connect, Observe
Session 3: July 25, 2024
● Progressing from raw to mature talent
○ You are not your talents
○ COIN model: Interrupt, Nuance
○ Z process
○ Improving performance
■ Isolate activity
■ Maturate talents
■ Aggregate knowledge
■ Cultivate skill


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