Kenneth Ede, President, KFE & Associates, LLC

IPEConnect PRESENTATION DATE: August 22, 2024

The goal of this presentation is to address the regulatory, financial and liability impact when certain PFAS compounds become RCRA Hazardous Wastes and CERCLA (Superfund) Hazardous Substances. This presentation will focus on how environmental professionals and corporations can reduce their own liability regarding PFAS and RCRA/CERCLA. In addition, this presentation will address specific strategies for the future disposal and reuse of infrastructure (pipes, pumps, valves, etc.) that has been contaminated with PFAS used in both firefighting and in the oil & gas industry.

Dr. Kenneth F. Ede is the President and Owner of KFE & Associates, LLC. which specializes in environmental chemistry and other emerging contaminants of concern, such as PFAS, and RCRA (hazardous waste management). Dr. Ede’s thrust area of research includes Environmental Chemistry, Emerging Contaminants of Concern, such as PFAS (Per & Polyfluoroalkyl Substances), Hazardous Waste Management, Industrial Environmental Sustainability and Industrial Ecology.