Over the past decade, oil & gas contamination and spills and carbon emissions have caught world headlines leading to the issuance of new protocols international ESG (Environmental, Social and Governance) Sustainability Rating Organizations as well as from the World Bank and Equator Principle Bank funding protocols for US, Canadian, and other international oil and gas related projects. The new ESG investment rating criteria cover environmental issues, including compliance, air emissions, carbon footprint, compliance, social engagement, sensitivity to local issues including noise, ground water and air impacts, as well as governance oversight, diversity and ethics. International environmental impact assessment protocols cover onshore & offshore drilling, port facilities and pipelines as well as redevelopment of terminals and upgrading of old refineries. The protocols require third-party reviews, NGO input, transparency in the process as well as addressing and mitigating EHSS related impacts, including pre-existing contamination. The author reviews the new protocols and illustrates the funding process with two case studies, one focused on ESG ratings and the other on application of Equator Principle criteria.

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