Eric Lundy
Environmental Remediation Specialist
DeepEarth Technologies, Inc.


IPEConnect Presentation: June 2, 2022

The remediation of comingled plumes of halogenated organics and hydrocarbons can have a long-lasting lifecycle. It is a process that requires significant and accurate analytical data to assess both the scale of contamination with respect to where the pollutants originated from as well as what they are made of. This class we will provide education on how to reduce site life cycle through understanding the destruction mechanism of each contaminate and asking specific questions to build a successful application design.

Eric Lundy: After spending more than the last decade as DeepEarth’s Senior Field Application Leader, Eric Lundy has stepped into the role of Environmental Remediation Specialist, utilizing his vast technical field knowledge for site design, project management, estimating, consulting and health and safety. Mr. Lundy has implemented over 250 soil and groundwater remedial applications on nearly every type of site (from gas stations to chemical plants, large and small) with many different contaminants (hydrocarbons, halogenated compounds, brine and coal tar).

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