Geosynthetic liners are an integral component in the management of produced water activities and process fluids in the oil & gas industry and are routinely used as containment barriers. Physical examination of the many different varieties of geosynthetic liners can suggest that these materials are a robust barrier; however, when subjected to the harsh oil & gas production environment, they can be easily damaged. Consequently, the potential for leaks to occur over the lifespan of these containment systems is high. Left undetected, these leaks can increase the risk of shutdowns, regulatory fines, and extreme remediation costs. While the theory of electrical leak location works the same for many geosynthetic lined systems, proper consideration towards the potential challenges may determine the survey’s success or failure. In this presentation we will present an overview of geosynthetic leak location methods, and possible challenges related to the leak location process associated with containment structures in the oil & gas industry.

Primary Author/Conference Presenter:
Shawn Calendine
Tucson, Arizona