Competency Mapping

We offer courses to meet the specific needs for various personnel at various skill levels. Click on the name of the course below to read the full description.

Fundamentals of Petroleum Exploration, Drilling and Production Petroleum Engineering for Non-Engineers Upstream and Downstream Petroleum in a Day Communicating for Success Personal Learning Experience to Assess Your Cross-Cultural Work Style Effective Presentation Skills Engineer as Manager and Leader Developing Effective Leadership Skills Awareness and Communication Strategies to Help Global Teams Dynamics of Effective Negotiation Global Teams: Leading Across Time, Distance and Culture Managing and Leading Change in Dynamic Organizations Risk Assessment/Management/Monetization Basics of Petroleum Economics Financial Analysis for Strategic Decision-Making Oil and Gas Acquisitions and Divestitures Fundamentals of Titles, Deeds, Conveyances, Leases Advanced Concepts of Oil & Gas Industry Contracts Appraisal of Oil & Gas Properties International Petroleum Agreements Oil and Gas Acquisitions and Divestitures Drilling Problems: Causes & Solutions Fluid-Flow Projects: Two-Phase Flow in Pipes NODAL* Systems Analysis:Production Optimization Petroleum Engineering Specialization Basic Geological Skills for Geotechs and Support Staff Petrochemicals in Non-Technical Language Petroleum Refining in Non-Technical Language

Basics of Measurement Uncertainty, Methods & Applications Comprehensive Measurement Uncertainty, Methods & Applications