Levi Poe
Chesapeake Energy
Oklahoma City, OK

Elements in the presentation would discuss-
• Problem Statement – Accuracy of equipment data can affect compliance, internal / external reporting, emissions goal/target development, and organizational decisions to reduce emissions cost effectively
• What processes & reports rely on equipment data
o Cascading/downstream effect of incorrect/incomplete equipment data
• Methods to identify data completeness/quality issues
• Methods to improve data quality
• Methods to maintain data quality

Levi Poe is an Environmental Specialist with 20 years of experience in environmental compliance work. The first half of Levi’s career included work in the Pipeline and Terminals sector of oil and gas where he was responsible for all aspects of environmental compliance for two major oil and gas companies in the states of Oklahoma, Texas, Missouri, Massachusetts, Ohio, Kentucky, Louisiana, and Tennessee. Levi joined Chesapeake Energy in 2009, where he has dedicated his focus to air compliance in the upstream sector in both oil and natural gas production for the past 12 years in the states of Oklahoma, Texas, Ohio, Wyoming, Louisiana, Pennsylvania, Colorado, and West Virginia. Levi has supervised Chesapeake Energy’s air compliance team, developed programs, training, implemented compliance management systems, and represented the company in industry trade groups during his time working for Chesapeake. Levi enjoys mentoring others and continuously improving the company’s compliance performance. When not at work, Levi enjoys fly fishing and traveling with his wife and two teenage children.