Dare Westmoreland
Advantis, LLC
Marshall, Texas, USA

Why wait to see leaking hatches via infrared camera and be fined? Monitor 24/7 and alarm for escaping hydrocarbons from tank hatches. Saves dollars and the environment.

The Advantis Hatch Alarming System has an embedded pressure sensor(s) in the hatch gasket connected to a simple mount for the telemetry component. Replacing a hatch gasket with the modified gasket is simple and can be done by non-technical personnel. The application is adaptable to any hatch design incorporating a gasket. The hatch gasket may be integrated with other telemetry solutions the customer may already have installed.

Hatches on production tanks, trucks, rail cars, and barges must be closed and latched to form a proper seal and prevent hydrocarbons from escaping into the environment. Many hatches are not properly closed/latched by personnel and/or the gasket is no longer functional. The Advantis Hatch Alarming System (UL 913 rated Intrinsically Safe) immediately notifies via text or email the hatch status -open/closed/latched (sealed) – so that personnel can immediately correct the problem. It can also alarm when the sealing gasket hardens over time and is no longer effective.

Hatch integrity provides theft, leakage, and contamination protection. Monitoring 24/7 with the Advantis gasket provides an electronic record of HSE and regulatory compliance…and peace of mind!