We Couldn’t Have Said it Any Better

Jason L.:  “Before ELITE, I could see my ‘slice of the pie.’  I can now apply what I’ve learned to the financial, managerial, development, and marketing aspects of situations I deal with daily at work.”  He went on to say, “Individuals who go through ELITE will have their horizons broadened.  It is an opportunity for a technical person to be exposed to the ‘other’ in business….  You become equipped to make decisions in a way that is productive for the company as a whole.”

Robert G.: “ELITE changed/enhanced the way I communicated with my direct reports.  Now I listen better which helps minimize mistakes due to miscommunication.  Because of the ELITE program, I was able to identify certain issues (personnel retention) and communicate these issues and potential solutions to upper management.”

Jim P.: “The ELITE program provided me with tools that I have been able to immediately use to improve my leadership skills at work and in my personal life.  This hard-hitting, professionally run program is just what I needed to sharpen my skills.”