It is recognized that ELITE students have a rich history of experiences, which have contributed to their understanding, beliefs, and values. ELITE faculty members will incorporate these experiences into the teaching/learning process through the use of such instructional strategies as large and small group discussion, case studies, and reflective critiques. For this PEDAGOGY to be successful, students as effective co-learners must develop an understanding of course readings and be reflective, active and engaged participants in the learning process.

Each student will leave the program better equipped to perform at a higher level with the new knowledge and experience gained.

The University of Tulsa’s ELITE Leadership Institute is based on incorporating these four PRINCIPLES into the leadership development process:
CONNECT:  Support, challenge and encourage each other in a cooperative environment.
ENGAGE:  Build partnerships and network with ELITE Faculty, Advisors, and Alumni
IMPACT:  Recognize that in order to make a difference, one must ‘walk the talk’
DEDICATE:  ELITE students take ownership and responsibility for their own leadership development

ELITE’s PHILOSOPHY: The TRIANGLE APPROACH to Authentic Leadership Development & Success