Facilitator: Michael Walls
ELITE Tidbit: “What’s a Good Decision?”

It is well known that improving decision quality and successfully managing risk are essential elements of effective leadership. Smart and well-timed decision making is a specialty that can be mastered and applied with far-reaching benefits for an organization. Companies that place a high-priority on managing risks and strategic decisions are uniquely positioned to prosper amid uncertainty.

This module is a practical, hands-on approach to modern techniques in risk management and strategic decision making. This includes project evaluation, resource allocation, diversification and risk-sharing, corporate planning and strategy development. Decision analysis and its application to decision problems in the modern business enterprise will be discussed as actual problems and case studies will be studied. Under the experienced guidance of the facilitator, participants learn how to integrate the theories and practical procedures presented into their own specific ‘real-world’ problem contexts…developing concepts and techniques which can be applied immediately.

Module Contents:
– Utilize advanced problem-framing techniques to your complex business issues
– Apply risk assessment and analysis techniques to business situations
– Incorporate multiple business objectives into risk analysis and the decision process
– Employ state-of-the-art asset and project evaluation techniques
– Utilize a portfolio analysis approach to allocating scarce capital and resources
– Provide clear guidelines on making choices among risky projects
– Measure the value of seeking additional information before payment is made
– Measure, interpret, and implement your firm’s unique tolerance for financial risk
– Show clearly how improving your decision processes can create value for your firm