Drilling, completion and field development practices for onshore unconventional oil and gas plays developed very quickly after George Mitchell turned what was always known as “source rock” into commercial shale reservoirs. Drilling and Completions Part #2 will focus on new and evolving practices to drill and complete unconventional wells while protecting workers, local communities, the environment, USDWs, non-producing zones, and more, all while producing the highest oil and gas recoveries that current technologies will allow.

NOTE: It is highly recommended that Drilling and Completions Sessions #1, #2 and #3 be taken as a prerequisite to subsequent sessions by George King for well integrity.

Primary Author / Co-Presenter:
Lloyd Hetrick
Engineering Consultant
LHH Engineering, PLLC
San Antonio, Texas, USA

Co-Author / Co-Presenter:
Steven Tipton
ALL Consulting, LLC
Tulsa, Oklahoma, USA