Performance is necessary to achieve results. But what are the steps to achieve performance? At Positive Leadership, we have come to realize that an organization’s level of performance is dependent on its ability to actively support employee growth and psychological safety.

Safety, according to Maslow’s hierarchy, is a “basic human need.” The term psychological safety was coined by Harvard Business School professor Amy Edmondson, who defines it as “a shared belief that the team is safe for interpersonal risk-taking.” In order to grow, people need to take risks, ask questions and be allowed to fail and learn. All of this requires safety.

The purpose of the Safety, Growth, Performance (SGP) course is to help organizations establish and maintain a culture of psychological safety that allows employees to take risks, grow and perform at their very best.
Safety in the workplace can lead to the following outcomes: (and much more!)
● Inspire creativity and ideas
● Improve employee well-being
● Decrease turnover
● Encourage and foster teamwork
● Increase individual and team performance

Learning Outcomes:
● Deepened understanding of and appreciation for the importance of psychological safety in teams and organizations;
● Ability to apply key concepts and tools in real-world settings to establish and maintain an organizational culture of psychological safety that leads to improved performance outcomes;
● Ability to identify and constructively address areas of misalignment in organizational culture that inhibit employee SGP;
● Practical skills and tools to hold conversations that progress employee growth and performance.

The CREATING A CULTURE OF SAFETY, GROWN, PERFORMANCE course is composed of three virtual weekly 2-hour sessions held on Thursdays from 1:30pm-3:30pm (Central) supplemented with suggested reading materials and additional light homework exercises designed to enhance learning.


Session 1: Sept. 12, 2024:
Why SGP?
○ SGP overview
○ What is psychological safety and why does it matter?
○ Insights from “The Fearless Organization”
Psychological safety is an activity
○ Assessing safety in the workplace
○ Steps to improve psychological safety
Session 2: Sept. 19, 2024:
What is growth and why does it matter?
○ Fixed vs. growth mindset
○ Intrinsic vs. extrinsic motivation
○ Self-determination theory
○ Emotional intelligence
Growth is an activity
○ Coaching4Growth: strategies to foster employee growth
○ Growth conversations – model and practice

Session 3: Sept. 26, 2024:
Achieving performance
○ 16 points of performance
○ Performance and positive leadership
○ Reason, performance, and POM
Performance as an activity
○ Assessing the performance reality
○ Keeping performance in the foreground
○ Conversations to align performance
Conclusions: Integrating the Concepts for Practical Application


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