Kent Armstrong, CEO-Founder, TerraStryke Products, LLC

IPEConnect PRESENTATION DATE: August 22, 2024

The avoidance of abandoned existing structures (Brownfield) in predominately urban areas due to environmental management concerns continues to result in millions of square footage of building/warehouse space to remain vacant and underutilized. There is an emerging group of remediation practitioners ready to respond and identify new Nature based strategies which provide safer, more economic, remediation strategies that meet ESG ideals and support LEED ‘Green’ construction requirements. In all aspects of these newly emerging Nature-based strategies is the goal of sustainability, an effort to minimize the carbon footprint of remediation while limiting adverse impacts from start to completion.The new era of remediation generates no noise, no vapors/emissions because it uses no fuel; biostimulation in fact, can generate fuel and lowers a Site’s carbon footprint by naturally sequestrating subsurface carbon sources in-situ (where it is!). Biostimulation isn’t innovative, it’s a naturally occurring process that originated 4+ billion years ago. It continues to operate as it did then, and will continue to use this process, to degrade organic compounds. Biostimulation results in greater microbial growth and enhanced microbial communication. When growth and communication attain sufficient densities to initiate the collective development of biofilm via the process known as Quorum Sensing and Signaling (QSS). QSS is how life exited the primordial soup, developed methods to exploit energy, and ultimately, created multicellular organisms.

Please join Kent Armstrong from TerraStryke Products LLC in a discussion about the new era of bioremediation: Biostimulation. Attend and learn the practical realities of microbial behavior, hear benefits of anaerobic conditions and most important, Quorum Sensing and Signaling (QSS), microbes way of communicating, sharing, and learning to exploit organic contaminants within the evolutionary derived structure referred to as biofilm.

TerraStryke was founded in 2008 by Kent Armstrong, a Zoology/Terrestrial Ecology graduate from California State University. Early in the company’s history, Kent accepted a contract with Plant Products Co. Ltd to develop a bioremediation department providing previously established nutrient blends to a new market, the environmental remediation industry. After a few modifications inspired by Kent, TerraStryke began to develop Biostimulation additives designed, and proven, to offset not only the adverse impacts of the presence of contaminants in soil/groundwater, but also the adverse impacts incurred using traditional technologies, by leveraging the power of Mother Nature.

In summary, biostimulation expedites compliance, decreases treatment times, and allows remediation concurrent with redeployment. ONe example provided will demsontrate how biostimulation Isaved the Owner of a dry cleaner 10-years in remediation effort, over $500,000 dollars in remediation costs, and allowed positive revenue generation to start 11-years earlier than traditional approaches could dream of, with no adverse interior-exterior impacts.

Low cost, low impact remediation working in concert with redevelopment and occupancy is why biostimulation works for you. Biostimulation is a non-active remediation process that will expedite the redevelopment of more vacant, contaminated, underused properties at less costs, with less impacts. Biostimulation is a solution to ongoing social demands with lower risks. Biostimulation allows for expedited redevelopment by simply enhancing 4.5+ Billion years of Natures experience degrading, utilizing, and exploiting energy.

Commercial Real Estate Owners, Developers, Real Estate Agents.
Remediation specialist be they experienced or brand new to the industry.
Bankers, Investment groups, Portfolio holders because they will learn how to spend less while increasing the value of thier portfolio.
Any one interested in learning the truth about how to allow indigenous microbes to perform at levels they are capablem, levels far greater than our industry has seen to date.