In order to thrive, we must successfully navigate common challenges together. Effective communication is essential to overcoming obstacles and achieving alignment at individual, group and organizational levels.
The purpose of the Communication4Alignment (C4A) course is to help individuals and groups improve performance in the activity of communication in order to create alignment toward thriving. Our unique models and tools are designed to equip participants to hone effective communication skills that are grounded in reality and rooted in the understanding that communication is just as much about our own internal cognitive processes as it is about externally sharing information. The C4A curriculum provides detailed methodologies and strategies to help participants navigate and manage the complexities of interpersonal interaction, while fostering and reinforcing an environment that supports mental and emotional wellness.

Learning Outcomes:
● Deepened understanding of and ability to communicate effectively to produce increased alignment and thriving in the workplace and beyond;
● Increase practical knowledge of the four capacities of communication, how they interrelate and how to apply them in real-world situations to increase mutual understanding and positive outcomes;
● Ability to apply key concepts and tools to increase mastery over the capacities of communication and improve individual and group performance.

The COMMUNICATION4ALIGNMENT course is composed of three virtual weekly 2-hour sessions held on Thursdays from 1:30pm-3:30pm (Central) supplemented with suggested reading materials and additional light homework exercises designed to enhance learning.


Session 1: July 11, 2024:
Introduction to C4A
■ Alignment and progression in communication
■ Valuable vs. wasteful communication
■ Communication operators vs. technicians
■ Overview of the four capacities
Session 2: July 18,2024:
Advocate Reality
■ Reality vs. perception
■ Meaning making
■ Ladder of interpretation
■ Reason, communication and reality
Manage Neurology (Yours and Theirs)
■ Communication and the nervous system
■ Primitive vs. intelligent nervous system
■ Managing neuro-reaction
■ Reason, reality and emotion
■ Emotional intelligence
Session 3: July 25, 2024:
Assess and Create Alignment
■ Alignment and contrast in communication
■ Areas of alignment: Purpose, Methods, Outcomes
Action and Outcomes
■ Action, motion and progression in communication
■ Applied emotional intelligence
■ The conversation meter


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