October 30 – November 1, 2017 * San Antonio, Texas

API Recommended Practices 100-2 Managing Environmental Aspects Associated with Exploration & Production Operations Including Hydraulic Fracturing
Lloyd Hetrick, Operations Engineering Advisor, Newfield Exploration Company, The Woodlands, Texas

Potential Beneficial Uses of Produced Water – Issues, Opportunities and Challenges
Rick McCurdy, Manager, Corrosions, Chemical & Water, Chesapeake Energy Corporation, Oklahoma City, Oklahoma

A Century of Leadership: Energy Regulation at the Railroad Commission of Texas
Lori Wrotenbery, Director, Oil & Gas Division, Railroad Commission of Texas, Austin, Texas

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Groundwater Remediation I
Hydraulic Fracturing Issues
Produced Water Treatment, Management Strategies & Practices I
Groundwater Remediation II
Waste Management & Pollution Prevention I
Air Emissions
Site Characterization & Forensic Geochemistry
Exhibitor Showcase / Risk Assessment & Risk Management
Remediation of Hydrocarbon Spills
Characterization & Remediation of Brine Spills
Waste Management & Pollution Prevention II
Open Discussion on Produced Water
Produced Water Treatment, Management Strategies & Practices II
Legal & Regulatory Issues

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