Recently, the definition of waters of the US took another sharp turn with a court ruling in Arizona and EPA’s subsequent response to revert back to a pre-2015 ruling. In the last 6 years we have experienced four significant changes to the definition of WOTUS with the result being we’re back where we were 6 years ago. However, the Biden administration announced this summer they will pursue another modification so we are going to see yet another attempt to change the delineation landscape. This presentation will describe the rule changes and what it means for defining WOTUS. The speakers will take attendees through specific case examples and showcase the various rules and how they move the wetland boundary. These cases will address coastal and non-coastal habitats, ephemeral/intermittent streams, and most importantly, significant nexus. Finally, we will give a summary of where the money is on what EPA is looking at for the new definition.

Peter McKone
Sr. Project Director
Weaver Consultants Group
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