Water has been a component of oil and gas operations since the first commercial wells were placed on production. Shale plays are being developed in the US, Canada, Argentina, Saudi Arabia, China, UK, and other areas of the world. More than ever, water is an integral part of the success of these oil and gas operations. No Water! No Hydraulic Fracturing! No Oil and Gas Resource Play! As the oil and gas industry expands from conventional operations to the development of unconventional plays in tight formations and shales, the demand for water expands rapidly. This presentation will discuss approaches to water management planning and facilities installation so an operator can either put together a water management plan and install water facilities or hire an outside consultant to do their plan and facilities installation

The components of a water management plan will be presented followed by a detailed discussion of the design and installation of a water management system. The presentation will conclude with the benefits of a good water management plan and keys to success. Use of this type of plan can provide for unexpected changes in water volumes required for hydraulic fracturing, changes in drilling and completion locations and schedules, provide for the ability to move water between facilities, treatment and reuse of produced water or disposal of excess produced water.

Primary Author / Conference Presenter:
Steven Tipton
Senior Consulting Engineer
ALL Consulting, LLC
Tulsa, OK USA