This paper will review 10 years of the evolution of Visible and nuisance emission monitoring process. The evolution overview will include the national and international standards achieved and the operational status of digital visible emission management programs around the world. The paper will address implementation issues encountered and updates made to the standards to accommodate field operations. The paper will address the evolution of camera technology, and the use of the various, hand held, fixed mounted, mobile drones and personal cameras. The paper will explore the various ways these technologies are being used to manage Visible and Nuisance Emission programs around the Globe. The paper will discuss the pro’s and con’s of the various recording devices and the sources that require opacity monitoring. From the Early Warning System on the Freeway, to the monitoring of visibility on the street corner to estimate PM load, Digital Images continue to excel in the advancement of inexpensive wide area monitors. The paper will conclude with the comparison of the old to the new in terms of information quality and sustainability, and predict the path forward over the next decade.

Primary Author / Conference Presenter:
Shawn Dolan
Virtual Technology
Rio Rico, Arizona, USA