Cogeneration contains many benefits, including improved project economics, grid stability and site electric reliability. Flaring at the wellhead can be limiting factor for production. Heartland Water Technology’s demonstrated success in treating produced water using waste heat, yields an attractive turnkey solution from an economic and technical perspective.
Earl Jones, Heartland’s CEO, will pull from case studies in which Heartland’s Concentrator has been operated using waste heat from both engines and flared wellhead gas. By utilizing waste heat to drive the water treatment process Heartland drives operating costs down while beneficially using available thermal energy.
#1 The customer was seeking a cost-effective treatment solution for the water produced from their natural gas drilling operations. Heartland was able to capture sufficient thermal energy from the six compressors on the customer’s site to treat the entire produced water stream.
#2 The customer was seeking a cost-effective on-site produced water treatment solution and had excess wellhead gas available. Using its direct contact method of evaporation, Heartland was able to successfully burn methane generated at the wellhead to reduce produce water volumes by over 90%.

Primary Author / Conference Presenter:
Earl Jones
Heartland Water Technology, Inc.
Hudson, MA, USA