A xylene-rich LNAPL site was remediated in approximately one year by using a combined solution. The COCs were aerobically degradable, but the site has limited oxygen and relatively tight soils. Using Waterloo profiling, layers of high and low permeability was defined across the site, and a system of injection wells, vacuum extraction wells, and heater borings was optimized. The subsurface was heated to 35 C while air was pulled into the xylene-rich zones, facilitating bioremediation at un-presedented rates. This presentation will cover the site challenges and solutions, resulting in a full-scale remedy which has a much lower cost than alternative solutions.

Primary Author / Conference Presenter:
Gorm Heron
Chief Technology Officer
Cascade Thermal / TerraTherm
Lyndeborough, NH, USA

Jack Wattu, Cascade thermal; Dennis Keane, XDD; Amber Bonarrigo, Cascade Thermal; Justin King, CHA