Sites with petroleum based NAPL often puzzle investigators using conventional drilling investigation tools and methods. Subtle soil heterogeneity can create a much more complex migration pattern than expected. Monitor wells cannot be used to interpret the vertical distribution and amount of NAPL present in the formation. Sampling from soil coring methods, at frequent intervals still results in large data gaps and does not visualize the LNAPL distribution. Application of new direct-push driven Optical Image Profiler (OIP) tools significantly improves a conceptual site models (CSM) by thin and thick zones of confined NAPL precisely, and simultaneously with electrical and hydrostratigraphic properties. The ultra-violet sourced (OiHPT-UV) are direct-push driven tools that image LNAPL fluorescence, combined with Hydraulic Profile Tool (HPT) and Electrical Conductivity (EC) tool. Case histories will demonstrate significantly improved CSM results that include interpretation using 2D cross sections of data and 3D visualization modeling software.

John Fontana is an AIPG certified professional geologist and a NGWA certified well driller with over 40 years of experience and currently serves as CEO and owner of Vista GeoScience. His experience includes direct-push investigation technologies, high resolution site characterization, 3D data modeling with geostatistical interpretation, optimized in-situ remediation technologies, and stray gas migration investigations. John currently serves on an ITRC team, “Effective Application of Guidance Documents to Hydrocarbon Sites,” and previously assisted writing the ITRC guidance documents “Optimizing In-Situ Remediation Performance & Injection Strategies” and “Implementing the Use of Advanced Site Characterization Tools.” John was nominated and served on the EPA’s Science Advisory Board on “Hydraulic Fracturing’s Impacts to Drinking Water.” John earned a degree in Geology, Oceanography and Physics from Humboldt State University in California in 1981.

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