Inconsistent source of frac chemicals, water quality and residual water treatment chemicals are some of the variables that lead to chemical incompatibility in the fracturing fluid, which plays an important role in the performance of hydraulic fracturing. Managing the consistency of these variables is challenging without a real-time monitoring program. This presentation includes the information for a novel approach that utilizes real-time monitoring to properly prepare the frac water while minimizing residual water treatment chemicals, and to optimize the performance of frac chemicals.
Different types of frac fluid have different requirements on water quality. In this presentation, the water quality parameters that affect the performance of friction reducer for slickwater fluid are identified and monitored. Water treatment technology is properly selected to allow minimal residual chemicals (oxidants) after the treatment while achieving the treatment targets. Adjustment of water treatment processes and frac chemical recipe is made real-time based on the feedback of field friction-loop test to optimize the performance.
The ability to provide feedback on frac fluid performance and make adjustment real-time enables Operators and service companies to minimize the chemical incapability while sufficiently treating the frac water.

Primary Author/Conference Presenter:
Nancy Zakhour
Completion Engineer
Callon Petroleum Company
Houston, Texas

Jinxuan Hu, Hydrozonix, LLC, Conroe, TX
Mark Patton, Hydrozonix, LLC, Conroe, TX