Kenneth Ede
KFE & Associates, LLC
Oklahoma, USA

Date of Presentation: May 16, 2024
Subject Area: Other

This presentation will address the probable uses of PFAS in the petroleum and oil & gas industry. This presentation will address both “intentional use” additives that may be added to certain types of lubricants, engine oils, hydraulic fluids, as an additive, to reduce surface tension, prevent fires and evaporation and to provide anti-wear, anti-corrosion, and antifoam properties. In addition, this presentation will also address how PFAS compounds are found in petroleum products by “non-intentional uses,” such as impurities and contamination.

Kenneth F. Ede, Ph.D., CHMM is the President of KFE & Associates, LLC. His areas of research includes Environmental Chemistry, Emerging Contaminants of Concern, such as PFAS (Per & Polyfluoroalkyl Substances), Hazardous Waste Management, Industrial Environmental Sustainability and Industrial Ecology. Before retiring, he taught both credit and non-credit courses for Oklahoma State University since 1989. Dr. Ede was the Director of the Environmental Science Graduate Program for Oklahoma State University-Tulsa, Professional Science Masters Program.

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