Every part of an organization has a vital role to play in advancing the success of the whole. To maximize performance, organizational processes and human resources must all be aligned to achieve the greatest impact for the lowest resource expenditure.

The most successful organizations are those that have strong alignment of purpose, methods and outcomes in all operational aspects, as well as outline clear roles and responsibilities so each employee has clarity on how they fit into and contribute to the bigger picture.

The Strategies, Tactics and Operations (STO) course is designed to help organizations gain clarity of purpose and ensure alignment of people, processes and resources to maximize performance while fostering and reinforcing an environment of employee engagement and wellness.

Learning Outcomes:
● Deepened understanding of organizational structural models and their practical applications in the workplace;
● Ability to proactively identify and address areas of operational misalignment and re-apportion resources to preempt discord and workplace inefficiencies;
● Ability to apply key concepts and tools in real-world settings to establish and maintain an organizational structure that leads to improved employee wellness and performance outcomes.

The STRATEGIES, TACTICS & OPERATIONS course is composed of three virtual weekly 2-hour sessions held on Thursdays from 1:30pm-3:30pm (Central) supplemented with suggested reading materials and additional light homework exercises designed to enhance learning.


Session 1: Jan. 23, 2025:
Introduction to key concepts and tools
○ What is Strategy?
○ Why STO?
○ Alignment and contrast
○ Engage, align and thrive
○ POM and the gameplan model
○ Intro to POM and STO for organizations
Session 2: Jan. 30, 2025:
STO deep dive
○ Organizational layers and their roles
○ Identifying and addressing STO misalignment: Floating Head, Tactical Overwhelm, Orphaned Operations
○ Facilitated exercise: diagramming STO at your organization
Session 3: Feb. 6, 2025:
STO for management
○ STO and Positive Leadership
○ STO and Safety, Growth, Performance
○ STO and Communication4Alignment


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