This paper describes recently developed technology to treat drill cuttings, soil and water contaminated with sodium and chlorides using a patent-pending microbial process. This solution, developed in conjunction with Colorado State University researchers, is the first in industrial practice to use microbes to bio-sequester sodium and chloride ions, lowering Sodium Adsorption Ratio (SAR), Electrical Conductivity (EC) and chlorides. Treating drill cuttings on the pad with this process has resulted in an average savings of 25% of the cost of hauling and landfill disposal, and has taken over 1,000,000 truck miles off of the road. Results from field trials and case studies from over 200 successful projects over two years of operations in the DJ, Williston and Permian Basins will be presented. The paper will describe the selection and isolation of the function-specific microbes, the carrier-nutrient packaging, and the specialized equipment developed to process the cuttings and soil. The presenter will also discuss recent application of the technology to desalinate produced water. The information provided in this paper will offer drilling engineers, production engineers and HSE professionals an alternative to the historical costly method of cuttings, soil and water hauling and disposal.

Primary Author/Presenter:
Drew Nelson
Symmetry Oilfield Solutions/Livewater Technologies
Johnstown, Colorado

Paul McKay, Livewater Technologies Inc., Littleton, CO