Wednesday, November 15, 2023
1:30 PM – TBD | Location: TBD

Organized by: THE UNIVERSITY OF TULSA, School of Finance
QUESTIONS: Tally Ferguson, Applied Asst. Professor of Finance
University of Tulsa, or call 918-808-4796


Much more than a tradeshow! It’s a chance to showcase the energy prominence, expertise and opportunities of Tulsa specifically, Oklahoma broadly, and our region.

The event for dealmakers.

NAPE Summit offers prospects, producers and purchasers a unique chance to connect, reconnect and make deals. For those who seek to be successful in the energy business, the NAPE Summit is a “must attend” event that has the potential to open up a myriad of new and unexpected opportunities.

Invited speakers will have an opportunity to share who they are, and what they do.

Enjoy refreshments while meeting professionals, and listening to presentations industry professionals such as:

Milestone (E&P Investor)
TTown Resources (Landman services)
ADAM-Tulsa (deal flow professional organization)
BOK Financial (lender, investment bank and deal flow)
TU’s Energy Management, Engineering and Law Professors (Educators)

o Informal meeting with professionals in the energy deal making space
o Learn:
 Role in the economy
 opportunties in the field — what, where (think about Tulsa)
 how to find the opportunities — life stories
 summary of what players in the field to, skill sets they need, ways to access the industry
 exposure to deal opportunities and how to find them
o Meet: industry professionals across the deal making spectrum, potential business partners, potential employees, and potential employers

When you go to an event and someone asks you the question “What do you do?”, your elevator pitch is what you use to answer this question. It’s a short (less than 60 seconds) statement answering that question, as well as answering the question they haven’t asked and is likely in the back of their mind – “What’s in this conversation for me?”