The authors were retained to help assess and remediate a large 3,000 to 9,000 barrel crude oil spill into sensitive habitat, wetlands, and woodland stream in a scenic area. The authors provide a case study to demonstrate how the interactions of crude slowly leaking through a corrosion pit in a buried pipeline, travelling along the pipeline and entering a shallow aquifer, surfacing in a wetland area and travelling down a 5 mile stream. The authors provide a concise overview of a remediation and risk assessment decision-making strategy was employed successfully to remediate the subject spill, the results of the spill risk assessment, legal ramifications, and how the strategy can be utilized to guide first responders in remediating spills, recovering NAPL, and protecting sensitive habitats and wildlife while simultaneously gathering the data required to conduct risk assessments and manage legal issues.

Primary Author/Conference Presenter:
Richard Bost
Lead Engineer and Environmental Expert
i2M Associates, LLC
Waller, TX, USA


John Milner, Brunini Law Firm, Jackson, Mississippi
Ryan Gleason, Astra Environmental, Oklahoma City, OK
Lori Magyar, i2M Associates and Auradon Consulting, Katy, Texas