Remote oil and gas (O&G) locations present unique challenges for the remediation practitioner. A variety of solutions have been implemented to overcome infrastructure limitations, high transport and personnel mobilization costs.
Site wellhead natural gas and solar power systems have filled the niche where traditional remediation systems typically used a public utility power drop. Mobile air sparging (AS)/soil vapor extraction (SVE) systems are powered via on-site wellhead natural gas. A second remote technology is solar electric power to operate remediation systems. The solar SVE systems use varying sizes of solar arrays to power 1/8 HP to 4.9 HP blowers based on remediation footprints. A third technology is being employed at remote locations with long hauls to landfills and/or high tipping fees. Ex-situ on-site soil treatment via mechanical shredding with chemical oxidation allows soil to be treated on-site and used as backfill. The technology has reduced costs and eliminated truck traffic and landfill waste.
The presentation will provide a variety of case studies detailing site challenges, innovative solutions, successful closures, and lessons learned using the described technologies.

Primary Author/Presenter:
Robert Rebel
Senior Engineer
LT Environmental, Inc.
Arvada, Colorado