In 2001, Remedial Construction Services, L.P. (RECON) started the closure of a Superfund site located in Texas City, Texas. Remediation continued for almost three years using a unique multi-staged approach.
After submittal and approval of the initial work plans, remedial activities (RA) that did not require extensive remedial design (RD) started. While Stage I construction was being completed, the RD for Stage II was developed. This innovative approach saved the EPA over $9,000,000 and decreased the schedule by 7 months. The project involved multiple scopes of work including demolition, tank removal, arsenic
cleanup, heavy metals removal, organic contaminant remediation, implementation of a phytoremediation program to contain groundwater contamination, and low-level radioactive waste remediation. RECON continues to provide the required operations and maintenance services.
Additionally, RECON was asked in 2015 to assist with the redevelopment of the site to construct a multitank oil storage terminal. The company provided extensive oversight of the redevelopment effort to ensure the previously established institutional controls and remedies for the site were protected. This Superfund site is the first to be certified as suitable for reuse, in Region II of the USEPA.

Primary Author/Conference Presenter:
Robert C. Miller
VP Gulf Coast Business Unit
Remedial Construction Services, L.P.
Houston, Texas

Danny P. Brown/Remedial Construction Services, L.P., Houston/Texas
Chris Irwin/Remedial Construction Services, L.P., Houston/Texas