Hydrogen Peroxide (HP) has always been considered the most direct and efficient process for the oxidation of fuel hydrocarbons. However, the ability to control the reactions associated with the employment of the technology have led to the search for alternative, more user-friendly (albeit, less successful) methods. A process has been developed that has solved the problems of HP usage as a remedial tool and has led to successful in-place treatment of petroleum releases without the need to “lift” impacted soil and transport it for off-site disposal. The process converts the most toxic (aromatics, BTEX, PAHs) odorous cuts to nontoxic, amphiphilic compounds that are odorless and easily biodegrade. The stink is actually gone immediately as the reaction proceeds, and the byproducts contribute to soil building. The presentation will take you through the process in an easy to understand progressive manner, and we will be available to answer your questions.

Primary Author / Conference Presenter:
William Lundy
Sr. Vice President
DeepEarth Technologies, Inc.
Tinley Park, Illinois, USA