Lower crude oil and natural gas prices have made it more challenging for O&G operations to justify spending capital on the capture and reselling of vent gas. The lack of options on the spending capital have led companies to flare or release to the atmosphere a valuable resource that could easily pay for the expense of the capture equipment. The current practice of non-capture exposes companies to environmental liability, risk and safety concerns. Revenue Sharing with Vent Gas Management systems can help eliminate air pollution from oil and gas (O&G) operations without capital outlay. Several major stakeholders in the Permian Basin are taking a much more aggressive approach to reduce vent gas from upstream O&G properties using this approach. At a federal level, accurate emission inventories are proving problematic for many parts of our industry, as ever-changing requirements for equipment and site registrations seem to be arriving monthly. Regulatory agencies are scrutinizing facilities against existing VOC emission requirements, while tightening emission limits and reporting at both a state and federal level. As ongoing air quality issues continue, HY-BON/EDI case studies addresses these concerns with solutions and equipment that captures the waste gas emissions in a “Closed System” to a gas sales line thus preventing pollution, reducing regulatory risk, improving safety and providing a financial payback .

Primary Author/Presenter:

Jeff Voorhis
HY-BON Engineering
Leander, Texas

Inayat Virani, P. Eng., HY-BON/EDI and UNICO,