The development of unconventional oil and gas resources by combining horizontal drilling with hydraulic fracturing has resulted in domestic oil and gas production rates not seen since the 1970’s. The US Energy Information Administration’s most recent predictions indicate that we will become a net energy exporter by 2020, continuing to underpin our economy with low cost energy for American families and industries while changing the international landscape to benefit ourselves and our allies. What has allowed for this energy miracle? Innovation, exercised within our free market system, within regulatory boundaries, with continual refinement, driven by the quest for efficiency. Over the next few days we’ll discuss these innovations and efficiencies in the upstream sector where they are most actively being applied, how they translate to the midstream and downstream sectors and finally, how this all relates to operational insights for prevention of environmental Impacts.

Primary Author / Plenary Speaker:

Lloyd Hetrick
Operations Engineering Advisor
East Shore Investments, LLC
The Woodlans, Texas

Lloyd is a registered professional engineer in Texas and a certified safety professional with more than 39 years of experience with oil and gas drilling, completions, production, decommissioning, health, safety and environmental, acquisitions, divestitures, mechanical integrity and induced seismicity management. This industry knowledge includes domestic and international, shallow and deepwater, onshore conventional and unconventional developments.

Most recently, Lloyd was with Newfield Exploration May 2010 thru February 2019, working exclusively on unconventional developments in Texas, Oklahoma, North Dakota, Pennsylvania and Utah. At the same time, Lloyd served in leadership roles for the development of hydraulic fracturing rules and guidelines at the federal and state levels:

1) 2017 thru 2019 – Chair of the API Hydraulic Fracturing Issues Group
2) 2018 thru 2019 – Chair of the OKOGA Seismicity Committee
3) 2011 thru 2019 – Advisor to the Groundwater Protection Council and the Interstate Oil and Gas Compact Commission to provide chemical disclosures to FracFocus and subsequently to address public concerns for reporting transparency
4) 2013 thru 2016 – Contributor to elevate API Guidance Document HF-1 to Recommended Practice RP100-1 “Hydraulic Fracturing: Well Integrity and Fracture Containment”
5) 2013 thru 2016 – Contributor to elevate API Guidance Document HF-2 to Recommended Practice RP100-2 “Hydraulic Fracturing: Managing Environmental Aspects Associated with E&P Operations Including Hydraulic Fracturing”
6) 2011 thru 2016 – Advisor to the EPA’s Hydraulic Fracturing Study evaluating risks to drinking water resources; presented March 2011: “Case Study for Well Integrity over a Full Life Cycle”
7) 2014 thru 2016 – Advisor to the BLM’s Hydraulic Fracturing rulemaking process to develop new rules to further protect the public, the environment, and the federal mineral estate which included Congressional Testimony to the House Natural Resources Committee July 15, 2015: “The Future of Hydraulic Fracturing on Federally Managed Lands”

Continuous work history includes a wide range of technical and management positions at:

• BP America Production Company: October 2000 through April 2010
• Cockrell Oil Corporation: May 1994 through September 2000
• American Exploration Company: June 1991 through April 1994
• Kerr McGee Corporation: January 1989 through May 1991
• Tenneco Oil Company: May 1979 through December 1988

B.S. Engineering, Texas A&M May 1979; PE certified July 1992; CSP certified January 1994