Enviro Resources, LLC provides bioremediation services using native soil and non-toxic/non-hazardous chemicals in the process to enhance the living native microbe’s digestive system that exist in the soil. With additional equipment using blenders/tillers attachments on long stick track hoes Enviro Resources, LLC is successful in dropping the TPH levels within the reserve pit to less than 10k ppm. Having water in the system is advantageous to this process. Sample bench test for TPH levels are ran prior and periodically for the duration of the process through a 3rd party certified lab. Enviro Resources, LLC then produces a post closure report once the TPH levels are at state requirements. The initial process of treating takes three to five days depending on the number of wells. TPH levels to return to state requirements (less than 10k ppm) can take anywhere from 2-6 weeks depending on the number of wells and volumes in the reserve pit.

Enviro Resources, LLC has handled PH levels above 200k plus with this process with 100% success rate. This process does not affect the reserved pit system with existing chloride issues and or its contents.

Primary Author/Conference Presenter:
Earl Landry
Enviro Resources, LLC
Erath, Louisiana

Earl Landry, Jr.
Mike Gibson