Bacteria growth, H2S, sludge / scale build up and poor oil / water separation are the most common issues related to salt water disposal facility management. Poor handling of these issues can lead to process upsets, operation intervention or even the sacrifice of injectivity of the wells. A traditional chemical program is typically associated with the lag of adapting to the changing demand, as it requires a lot manual verification and adjustment. Presented information will include an unmanned approach that controls the bacteria, H2S and iron sludge issues with an advanced oxidation process which also provides dissolved air flotation effect to improve the oil /water separation.
Upstream of the gun barrel tanks, the water is treated through the liquid chemical free advanced oxidation process so bacteria and H2S levels are minimal and iron is oxidized and turned into solid or flocs. The dissolved gas introduced through the advanced oxidation process will then facilitate oil / water separation as the water flows through the gun barrel tanks. Residual TSS after the gun barrel tanks is removed through filtration so it is not damaging the injectivity of the wells. Water quality at different locations of the facility is monitored real-time so adjustment of treatment can be made automatically base on the treatment demand and performance.
The ability to replace the traditional chemical injection program with a liquid chemical free process which addresses the most challenging issues simultaneously provides an efficient and cost-effective way for the management of salt water disposal facility.

Primary Author/Conference Presenter:
Jinxuan Hu
Engineering Manager
Hydrozonix, LLC
Conroe, Texas

Mark Patton, Hydrozonix, LLC, Conroe, TX
Dipendra Wagle, Hydrozonix, LLC, Conroe, TX